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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

RE, Science and Topic

Monday (Science):

LO: To record what I can see.


Choose a template below to record what you can see from your garden.

Extend your learning to draw and label any minibeasts or animals you can see in your book.




Draw and label a tree, plant or animal you can see from a window in your house.



Tuesday (RE):

LO: To recognise Ascension Day as when Jesus returned to his Father.


Look at the Ascension day PowerPoint and think carefully about how Jesus' friends might have felt at this time.

Use the template to design your own stained glass window. Try to include a dove or a flame in your work.


Challenge: Write two sentences explaining how Jesus' friends felt when he went back to heaven.

Wednesday (Computing):

LO: To use simple computing instructions for a purpose.


I have set you another 2Do on PurpleMash called 2Go. The activity challenges you to give simple instructions, learn directions and explore simple logo. Have fun!

Thursday (Science):

LO: To understand that animals are linked in a food chain.


Look at the 'Food Chains' PowerPoint and then choose an activity page to complete.

Challenge: Extend your learning to create your own food chain in your books.

Friday (RE):

LO: To recognise Pentecost as The Holy Day.


Look at the story of Pentecost and then use a writing frame to record the things that make you happy, and the ways in which the Holy Spirit has brought you happiness.

Extend your learning by choosing at least one other Pentecost activity to complete.


Challenge: Write your own Pentecost prayer.

RE at home

Use the resources below to help you complete additional RE activities at home.