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RE, Topic and Science

Monday (Topic- Computing)

LO: To use computer coding for a purpose.

I have seen some of your fabulous work on PurpleMash and I have set you another coding challenge. This one is called 'Tick, tock clock'. Can you make the clock tick and chime using the timer command?


Tuesday (RE)

LO: To recognise good news.

Last week we looked at Pentecost, which is a celebration and when Jesus' friends started to share the good news of his life.

Take a few minutes today to think about the special things in your life. Even though things are strange at the moment, we have lots to be grateful for. Maybe you have been having loads of cake, laughing lots or reading a brilliant story. Write about the things you are grateful for, this is the good news of your life. Don't forget to add some drawings and pictures to make your work extra special.


Wednesday (Science)

LO: To recognise that animals live in particular habitats.

Look at the 'World Habitats' PowerPoint below and think about the different places that animals live all over the world.

Choose 2 different habitats and draw them in your book with the animals that might live there.


Challenge: Can you compare the habitats? Which one is warmest? Which one is coldest?

Thursday (History- Celebrating VE Day).

LO: To recognise VE Day.

Friday 8th May will mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, celebrating victory in Europe.

Look at the PowerPoint below and complete a related activity. Have lots of fun!