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Religious Education

Week 7 (18th to 22nd May)

Interfaith Week - Islam

This week, you will be learning about another faith called Islam.  The focus will be about Muslims' special place of worship.  In Islam, the special place of worship is called a mosque.  You pronounce it like this:  "mosk."  Muslims worship on Fridays, but the mosque is open every day. 

Look at this PowerPoint to learn more about mosques.  

You will see

  • photographs of mosques
  • a video clip about the inside of a mosque
  • key features of a mosque​​​​​​​

Your task

Choice A

Draw a picture of a mosque.  Label each part using the words and phrases listed below in the picture.  Be sure you can explain what each label means. 


Choice B

Make a 3-D model of a mosque.  Label each part using the words and phrases listed below in the picture.  Be sure you can explain what each label means.

Picture 1

Week 8 (1st June to 5th June)

This week, you are beginning the Reconciliation Unit for R.E.

Two Sons Make Choices

When He was teaching the people and trying to help them, Jesus told this story about two sons who made choices.  Remember:  choices always have consequences.

There was once a man who had two sons.  He went to the older one and said, “Son, go and work in the vineyard today.”

“I don’t want to,” he answered, but later he changed his mind and went.  Then, the father went to the other son and said the same thing.

“Yes, sir,” he answered, but he did not go.

Which one of the two sons did what his father wanted?

Now, Jesus was in the Temple teaching when He told this story and he said to the people who were listening, “What do you think?  Which of the two sons did what his father wanted?”

And they all said, “The first.”

Matthew 21:28-31


Questions about the first son

  1. What did he choose to answer first?
  2. Why do you think he chose as he did?  How do you think he felt?
  3. Can you think of some of the consequences of his choice?
  4. Can you think of reasons why he changed his mind?  How did he feel?
  5. Do you think that was easy?  Why or why not?
  6. Have you ever done something like this?  When and why?

Questions about the second son

  1. What did the second son choose?
  2. Why do you think he changed his mind?
  3. How do you think he felt?
  4. Have you ever done something like this?  When and why?
  5. How do you think the father felt about his two sons?


Your task

A:  LO:  Describe the choices each brother made

Instructions:  Fill-in a storyboard of the choices made by each son.  Write at least one sentence for each part of the storyboard.  Draw and colour neatly.


B:  LO:  Make links between Jesus’s message and Christian living

Instructions:  Imagine you were in the Temple on the day that Jesus told the story of the two sons.  Write a letter to a Christian community to tell them about what you heard Jesus say and how that might help a Christian make choices.

Example starter:

Dear Christian community,

Today, I was so lucky!  I heard Jesus teach in the Temple.  He told a wonderful story about a father with two sons.


Storyboard for Choice A:

Picture 1

Week 6 (11th to 15th May)

This week, you will be learning about the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were given to the apostles and to all of us.  After you choose to complete task A or B, then you can complete the Respond booklet that we always complete at the end of every unit.  Also, there is a collective worship plan that you can use to have your own collective worship at home with your family.

Week 5 (4th to 8th May)

May is the month of Mary.  This week, you can choose which of these activities you would like to do at home.  You can choose just one or all of them, if you want.


You can make your own rosary using pipe cleaners and beads.  Follow this link:


Make a walkable rosary at home or in your garden.  Follow this link:


If you need a little more explanation about the mysteries of the rosary, then you can watch this video which tells you about some of the mysteries and why Mary is so important to Catholics everywhere.

Week 4 (27th April to 1st May)

This week, you are going to learn about what happened when the Holy Spirit came to visit Mary and the apostles.  There are three questions to answer about the events of the day of Pentecost.

Week 3 (20th April to 24th April)

This week, you are beginning to learn about Pentecost.  Watch the video and read the information to help you to complete your task today.  Remember, you get to choose which task you would like to do.

Jesus' Ascension

Week 2 (30th March to 3rd April)

This task includes a short reading and two choices for your assignment.  Just like in class, you can decide if you would like to complete activity A, activity B, or both!  There are also two pages of helpful resources that you will need to use to finish your assignment. 


If you would like to do any additional research on the Internet about the Stations of the Cross or the Sorrowful Mysteries, then make sure you use safe, kid-friendly websites and ask an adult for help if you have any questions while researching.