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w/c 03.05.21

This week we are up to Lesson 4 of our Life Cycles topic. This lesson is all about animals that undergo metamorphosis as part of their life cycle. Work through the activities on the Lesson 4 task sheet. You will find out what metamorphosis is and some examples of animals that undergo metamorphosis. You will also research the life cycles of frogs, butterflies, dragonflies and newts - I have uploaded some information for you to read, or you can do your own research. When you have read the information about each of the four animals, you can choose which of the animals interests you the most. Your main task will be to write an explanation text to explain, in detail, the life cycle of your chosen animal.

When you have finished, please email your explanation text to me on Purple Mash.

Please contact me if you need any help.

I look forward to reading your explanation texts.

See you all next week!

Miss Cookson smiley

w/c 26.04.21

This week we are up to Lesson 3 of our Life Cycles topic. This week's lesson is all about mammal life cycles. I have attached a document below which explains all the Lesson 3 tasks that you need to complete at home, along with all the resources. If you need any help with anything, please contact me using Purple Mash email. You should email a photo of your work to me when you have finished. I am looking forward to seeing your life cycle diagrams.

See you soon, Miss Cookson smiley