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Introduction to Electricity

What is an appliance?  An appliance is a device or piece of equipment that is used to perform a specific task.

Try this activity:  Sort these pictures into two groups -- things that use electricity and things that don't.


Now, I want you to think about this question:  what do we use electricity for?  Try to make a list of things that use electricity from A to Z.  If you get stuck, then you could walk around your house and look carefully in each room for ideas.  You could also ask your family for help.


Your third activity for science this week is to consider this question:  if you could only have six items in your home that use electricity, then what six items would you choose and why?  Rank the items from the most important to the least important.  After you rank the items, ask yourself why you chose that order to rank them.


Lastly, for your final activity, you will be thinking about sources of electricity.  You will need to look at this slideshow first and then you will sort appliances based on the type of electricity they use.  Use the appliance cards from the first activity and sort each appliance into the correct place in the Venn Diagram.