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In Science, we are learning all about the human body! We started by learning all about our skeleton and used spaghetti to try and replicate our skeleton. It proved very tricky but we didn't give up!


We then looked at the different type of skeletons: Endoskeletons, Exoskeletons and Hydrostatic skeletons. We discussed what type of skeleton different animals have. 


Next, we moved on to learning all about muscles! We did a few tests using a heavy object, repeating the movement over and over again to see which muscles it affected. We even did some tricep dips to test our tricep muscles! Well done to Jack who beat Mrs Lowe at the tricep dip competition! smiley


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We finished our unit off with an investigation into this question:

'Do people with the longest legs jump the furthest?'


We measured our legs, made sure it was a fair test and identified the equipment and roles needed to carry out the experiment. We found out that it didn't matter about the length of your legs, the people with the longest legs didn't jump the furthest!