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Science Tasks

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Miss Cookson has assigned the following Science projects to be working on. Each task could be completed in a week. So you have three weeks’ worth of science activities.


Week 1 - Task 1

Create a PowerPoint presentation about different types of plants, e.g. flowering, non-flowering, vascular, non-vascular, biennial, perennial, trees, shrubs, flowers that grow from seeds, flowers that grow from bulbs, etc. Explain the characteristics of each plant type and include some examples.

Week 2 - Task 2

What is the most unusual creature that lives on Earth? Research an unusual creature of your choice. Use the information you find to help you produce a fact file about the creature. The fact file should describe:

  • where the animal can be found
  • its appearance (e.g. how it moves, body shape, any special features)
  • what environment it is found in
  • how it survives in its environment
  • any additional interesting facts.

Week 3 - Task 3

Write a report on a family of animals, e.g. cat family, dog family, bear family, etc. In your report you should include:

  • details of where your family is in the classification system (the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species)
  • a description of what the species within the family have in common
  • a description of how the species within the family are different from each other
  • pictures and/or labelled diagrams of examples of species within the family
  • an explanation of why it is important to group species within the classification system


                                               Any questions just ask!