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This week I would like you to revisit relative clauses.


Think back to our sentence types of simple, compound and complex. What do they mean? What makes up these types of sentences? (I have included a video to help remind you)


Who can remember what a relative clause is? What about relative pronouns? You could make a page in your workbooks with examples of these and what they mean. Make it stand out in lovely colours and bold writing! - Just an idea. heart


Below I have attached a worksheet for you to have a read through and have a go at. Notice the reference to the Legend of Gelert - 10 bonus points to the one who sends me my favourite quote from that legend! laugh

Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences

Learn how to identify simple, compound and complex sentences and use them in your own writing.

The Relative Clause Song

Because you know we love a good sing song in Southworth Class!!