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Thursday 10th June

Next Steps: complete sentences with the spelling words for this week.  Underline the spelling word in each sentence.

As we have just completed our phase 3 write and hot write, we are going to focus on reading skills over the next few lessons.


I am setting revision for converting between units of length that we have been doing recently in class.  This will lead on to converting between units of time in a couple of lessons, and will remind you what converting units means and how to do it.  Remember to think about Key Terms of Reference: 10mm in 1cm, 100cm in 1m, 1000m in 1 km.

LO: To retrieve information

Choose your level - self challenge! Please remember to go back and check any corrections, working out where you went wrong.

DT: Go through the Power Point slides it will explain the task and topic.  Complete task 1. You will need to bring this back in to school when we return.