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Tomorrow you are going to write a report. Here are some things to think about:


Writing your report.

What do we need to think about when we write?

1.) The subject- What will your title be? Can you write a brief introduction to it? Can

you use rhetorical questions?

2.) What tense will it be written in?

3.) What kind of language will be used? Who is your audience? Will this change?

4.) How will you grab the reader’s attention? Can you think of sentences starters,

words and phrases to hook in your audience and create interest?

5.) Have you considered the cohesive devices you will use to help structure your

piece? Adverbs, prepositional phrases, conjunctions? 

6.) What will the layout look like? Will you include images?


You will use factual and formal language in your report, though there are elements which may be less formal such as the opening paragraph and the closing paragraph. E.g. Do you play with Lego? Do you like to build with these small bricks? Have you ever wondered how they were invented?


A series of three questions is often used as a literary device and the informality of the opening paragraph is often used to build interest with the reader.


You will need to lead into your report with a linking sentence e.g Read on to find out how this strange little brick turned into a household name around the world.


With the ending, we can shift the level of formality again here. You could use sections from the end of the clip directly in the text.


  • Create a thought shower of all your ideas for your report, thinking about key words and phrases you will use. Also think about how you will organise your report, planning out all of your ideas.