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Thursday 11th February


GPS Starter:

To recap on our GPS lesson yesterday on different types of sentences, watch the powerpoint with your grown up. It is a quiz which I know you enjoy!

Main Activity

Thursday 11th February

L.O: To write a shape poem..

Watch the powerpoints on poetry and the ones on shape poetry. Then you are going to write your own shape poem. Choose one of the themes- space, arctic etc and then jot down some words or ideas first on a scrap piece of paper. Then use these words or ideas to put into lines of your poem. Use the templates attached or if you haven't got a printer, draw your own shape. Don't worry about getting your poem to rhyme-not all poems do. I will look forward to reading them! 


Mental Maths Starter:

Play hit the button game and click on 'halves'. This will help you with dividing by 2. Start at halves between 5 and 15. Click on higher numbers if you want to challenge yourself.

Main Activity


L.O: To solve word problems involving division.

Work through the Oak Academy lesson. Don't do the independent activity in the lesson but complete the activity attached below.


Thursday 11th February

L.O: To produce a picture of Monet's garden

This is our last lesson on Monet. Look at the photo pack attached that show photos of Monet's garden.

Choose one of the photos and try to draw the same picture. Take your time and use your observational and shading skills. You can keep your drawing in black or white or you can use colour.


Practise your hip-hop street dance from last week.