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Friday 12th February

Hi everyone,


It’s Friday! Well done for working hard all week. Please remember to send me photos of your work for this week if you haven’t already done so. 

I want to wish you all a great half term break. I know it is a bit different to normal, but enjoy time with your family. 

If anyone wants to complete activities over the half term, there are links on our Class Page as well as Purple Mash and TTRockstars. 🙂

In this lesson, we will introduce new vocabulary, identify word pairs and synonyms and apply the vocabulary in sentences.
In this lesson, you will further develop your understanding of patterns in number and the rules to follow to get from one term to the next. You will also be describing the patterns with reference to what calculations need to be done to find the missing terms.

LO: To retrieve information 

Choose a challenging level for yourself and then read the text and answer the questions. Remember to self mark and assess.