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Thursday 12th November


Immediate Engagement: Can you use the conjunction 'because' in a super sentence?


LO: To write my own story.

Using the story plan you made earlier this week, write the beginning and middle of your own dragon story.


Remember that your story should be similar to 'Zog', but have your own dragon as the main character.



Immediate Engagement: Draw three 2D (flat) shapes.


LO: To recognise capacity.

Look at the 'Potions' PowerPoint below and work with your grown up to solve the problems.

Next, complete the 'how much does it hold?' capacity worksheet. Can you solve the challenges?


EXT: Can you write a recipe for your own potion.

(Use cups as a unit of measurement here- e.g. 1 cup of glitter, 2 cups of water).


Topic: Science:

LO: To recognise and sort fruit and vegetables.


Look at the 'Sorting Fruit and Vegetables' PowerPoint below. Can you sort the fruits and vegetables?

Next, choose one fruit and 1 vegetable to draw and describe. Think about if your fruit/vegetable grown above or below the ground and if they grow in a particular season of the year.