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Thursday 14th January


GPS Starter:

Practise spelling these words. Write each one 3 times (look, cover, write, check) Put each one in a sentence. Choose either mild, spicy or hot.

mild-  have, gave, was, when, they

spicy- friend, could, where, who, down

hot- certain, picture, usual, gently, different

Main Activity

Thursday 14th January

L.O: To innovate a new story.

Think about the story of Dougal's Deep Sea Dive. We are going to write a new version of the story, using our own ideas, over the next few days. Today, we are going to just plan our new story. Use the chart below to help you plan what you are going to change in your story. So you are going to change where they go- a jungle, up a mountain, a cave, the desert etc. Change what they find- a missing key, a long lost temple, a map , a type of animal that scientists thought was extinct, a new type of plant etc. Change their reward- a jeep, a boat, helicopter, rocket, horse etc. Lastly, change the new place they find- a new planet, a lost village in the mountains, an underground cave system, a lost Egyptian pyramid.

Try and use your imagination to come up with some good ideas. Link your ideas together. For example, if they are given a horse as a reward, then they are not likely to find a new planet!


If you don't have a printer for the chart, just write the middle column and end column in your book.


Mental Maths Starter:

Practise your 10 times table. Write it out in your workbook-

1 x10 = 10

2 x10 = 20 and so on. Go up to 12 x 10 =.

Practise saying it out loud and then get your grown up to ask you questions. What is 6 x 10 = ?, 3 x10 makes ? etc.  Turn it round- what is 10 x 4 ? How quickly can you recall your 10 times table?

Main Activity


L.O: To investigate the mass of objects

Work through the lesson on mass (weighing objects). Complete the worksheet. You can print it out or copy it into your workbook.  You can fun weighing objects at home too if you have some weighing scales.  

Topic- Art/P.E

Wednesday 14th January

L.O: To use observational skills to sketch flowers.

Google some pictures of different types of flowers. Have a go at sketching at least 3 different types of flower. Try to choose ones with different shaped petals and flowers of different sizes. Look really carefully at each one and take your time sketching them. Try to use shading techniques to add more detail. Don't colour them in, just leave them black and white.


Join in with the Joe Wicks video.