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Monday 11th May

Mental starter:

Practise your 10 times table. Get your grown up to ask some questions- what is 5 x 10? 3 x 10? Tell me what 10 x 6 is? etc


Main activity

Watch the power point on halves and quarters of shapes.


L.O: To find halves and quarters of shapes.

Complete the worksheet by colouring either half or quarter of shapes. If you don't have a printer, draw round some shapes (e.g the bottom of a cup to make a circle) and practise colouring halves and quarters. Can you find any patterns in your home that have halves or quarters/ (My lounge window is divided into quarters- 4 equal rectangles.) 



Find different ways of splitting a shape into halves and quarters. You can draw round some shapes or print out the sheet again.  

Year 2

Have a go at the maths reasoning paper this week. Start at question 6 and and just do 5 or 6 questions each day this week.