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Thursday 19th November



GPS Starter

Can you think of some adjectives (describing words) to describe your new character? 


(Witch, Troll or Cyclops)


Main Activity

We are writing our own version of our story this week using our own character (Troll, Cyclops or Witch). 


Using the sheet below, copy out the middle of the story and change the underlined words and your character. 



We are learning all about fractions of amounts. When we find fractions of amounts, we share equally into groups. 


We are focussing on half 1/2 and sharing between two groups. 


Have a go at sharing these numbers between two groups - You can use plates to share something practically like pasta or cereal.


1/2 of 4 =

1/2 of 8 =

1/2 of 10 =

1/2 of 12=

1/2 of 20 =

1/2 of 16 =


*Make sure the amount on each plate is equal to check you've got the right answer*


We are learning about the Wind in Science. This week, we are making our own kites to test outside. You can make your own kite using:


- Card/ paper

- Straws

- Ribbon

- String


Once you have made your kite, take it outside to see if it works in the wind! If you can, take some pictures to show your teacher when you get back :)