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Thursday 18th June

Thursday 18th June

Good Morning Ward class!


Today’s activities:


Our Maths learning continues to come from Oak National Academy Online.

Click on this link to find your maths lessons for this week:



Focus: World War Two – Explore what life was life for people in Britain in World war two.

This week focuses on the start of the war and what life was like for evacuees.


Read the opening (up to the end of page 5) Of Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian, using the link to the PDF below or this link here:


Based on what you have read, draw a picture of what you think the two main characters described – Mr Thomas ‘Tom’ Oakley and William ‘Willie’ Beech, look like. Around the pictures you have drawn, label words and phrases taken from the text.


Now watch the opening (3:40 – 9:24 mins) to the film Goodnight Mister Tom here:


Compare the opening of the story in the book to the film – jot down in two columns the similarities and differences between the two.


Which do you prefer – the book or the film? Write down your preference giving reasons to support what you are saying.