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Thursday 17th September



GPS starter:

Add the ing suffix o the following words. Write them in your book. Jump+ ing = jumping.

play, eat, push, climb, walk.

Main activity

Thursday 17th September

L.O: To use descriptive language.

Today, we are using adjectives to describe our characters. Split your age in half. In the top half draw a little picture of  The Jolly Postman. Then around the picture write lots of adjectives (describing words) for The Jolly Postman, e.g kind, happy, helpful etc. In the bottom half draw a small picture of their the witch or the wolf. Write adjectives around this character- wicked, mean, ugly etc.



Mental maths:

Practise your odd and even numbers to 50. You can play a game. Start at 0 and say the numbers out loud. When you say an odd number stand up and when you say an even number, sit down. What do you notice?

Main activity


L.O: To sequence numbers forwards and backwards.

Copy these number sequences into your book and complete the next 3 numbers.

40, 50, 60, __, __, __

75, 80, 85, __, __, __

12, 14, 16, __, __, __

45, 40, 35, __, __, __

50, 40, 30, __, __, __

28, 26, 24, __, __, __



We are learning about the continents of the world and hot and cold places.

Thursday 17th September

L.O: To name the continents of the world.

Watch the powerpoint and talk about how a continent is different from a country.

Then complete the world map by labelling the continents. There is a continents map to help you.


Can you add a red line for the equator?