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Thursday 19th November


Immediate Engagement: Choose your favourite toy and describe it using three adjectives (describing words).


LO: To use the suffix -ing.

Look at the words below and think about how they are changed when we add -ing to the end.

Write the root word and then record the word including the suffix -ing. The first one has been done for you.

  • walk     walking
  • jump
  • melt
  • pull
  • push
  • look
  • help

Now choose three words and use each of them in their own sentence.



Immediate Engagement: How many 2D shapes can you name? Talk to your grown up and work together to make a shape list.


LO: To find fractions of amounts.

Look at the 'Fractions of amounts' PowerPoint again and complete the challenges with your grown up.

Next, choose 1 page from the 'Ladybird halving'  worksheets to complete.


EXT: Can you find half of amounts of objects in your house? (toys, counters tins)

  • find half of 4
  • find half of 6
  • find half of 8
  • find half of 10


Topic: History.

LO: To create a timeline of events.


Look at the PowerPoint for 'The Great Fire of London'. Talk to your grown up about what happened.

Now, complete the timeline worksheet by ordering the pictures.


EXT: Can you record a sentence to go with each picture? What was happening in the picture? How did the people feel?