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Thursday 21st January


GPS Starter:

Play the grammar game below. Click on sentences, then click on  the hard level.

Main Activity

Thursday 21st January

L.O: To add -ness suffix to root words

Watch the powerpoint on -ness suffix. When we add -ness suffix to some adjectives , we change them to a noun, What do you think happens to a word ending in y? (Yes, change the y to an i then add the suffix,) You just need to talk about the answers to your grown up, as we are completing work below.

Can we add -ness suffix to any adjective? Does it work with big, small, strong?

Complete the worksheet below. Choose one, two or three star worksheet.


There is a -ness suffix word search.


Mental Maths:

Play the rocket game on rounding. There are different levels to choose from. Have fun.


Main Activity


L.O: To name and sort 3D shapes.

Today we are looking at 3D shapes. Work through the lesson and talk about it with your grown up. I have attached the worksheet from the lesson and there is also an extension worksheet.


Thursday 21st January

L.O: To experiment with tone and shading

Watch the powerpoint about tone and shading then have a go at the tonal shading activity sheet or practise tone and shading objects straight into your workbook.


South Ribble are sending out a set of dance videos for us to learn a dance routine. The South Ribble coach has broken the dance down in to stages. I have attached the first one below. She will send out the next one in a couple of weeks, once we have learnt this part. Have fun!