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Thursday 21st January

Good morning everyone,

You are all working really hard - keep it up! I'm really pleased that you are trying to make your work at home as neat as your work in school.  Some of you were really close to achieving your pen license before schools closed, and your Home Learning books can still be used to show how neat you are when you come back, so keep setting yourself high expectations for the presentation of your work.


Miss Mercer :)


Next Steps: This morning can you use your knowledge of times tables and the grid method to complete these multiplications:

32 x 3 =     ,   21 x 6 =     , 13 x 5 =      , 28 x 6 =     , 39 x 7 =      , 54 x 8 =     , 67 x 4 =     , 45 x 7 =    

Watch the lesson and complete the tasks, making sure that you do all the slides. Remember to pause it if you need more time, and to email me if you need help. 
In this lesson, we will write the habitat paragraph of a non-chronological report.  You are going to use everything you learnt yesterday to help you complete the task.  Remember the features of a non-chronological report, from the very first lesson - you can go back in your book to help you remember this, or watch the first lesson (Tuesday 5th January) again.

Guided Reading:

LO: To offer textual evidence


Choose your level and read the text.  Think carefully what the question is asking.  Self mark and go back to the text for any corrections.  Try to use the exact words from the text where you can, and remember even when offering your own opinion, you need to refer to the text.

History - click on the document to see the learning and task for today.  The other resources are there to help you with both your understanding of the topic and to complete your task.