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Thursday 23rd April


LO: To write my own story.


Using the plan you created yesterday,write the first two paragraphs of your story (beginning and middle).

It will be very similar to the focus story you have chosen, but will include your own character.

Don't forget to use capital letters and full stops in the right places and extend your writing by using conjunctions (and, so, but, because). Remember that we use capital letters for the names of people and places. 



Mental Maths Starter: Identify odd and even numbers to 20. Extend to 30 if secure.

LO: To identify and name 3D shapes. 


We have done lots of shape work in school and we know that 3D shapes and 'fat'. We also know that we have different words to describe the properties of 3D shapes. Instead of corners, we say vertices and instead of sides, we say edges. 


Look at the shape properties PowerPoint and talk about the properties of the 3D shapes you can see. When you have done this, complete the 2D and 3D shape challenge page. 


If you can't print, talk to an adult about he properties of 3D shapes and write them in your book if you feel confident. The first one has been done for you.


Cube   8 vertices  12 edges







Look at the PowerPoint about minibeasts and their habitats. 

Talk to an adult about the different places minibeasts live and think about what they need to survive (food, shelter). 


Choose and complete a task from the 'Minibeast Habitat Matching' activities file. 


Challenge: Record three sentences about minibeasts and their habitats.