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Thursday 24th June


LO: To identify the features of a recount


Today we are going to look at a recount. I want you to highlight the features e.g. time conjunctions, subordination for time, nouns, verbs, sentence starters etc. Think about what you could include in your recount. I would like you to make a checklist of everything you need to include in your recount and write it down. I then want you to see if you could make some improvements to the recount already written. 


LO: To divide equally in groups


Have a look at yesterday's power point again. How can we share amounts of numbers between 2 and 5 groups?

I would like you to answer these questions by sharing into groups equally. Remember to always check your work!


  1. 8÷ 2 =
  2. 16 ÷2 =
  3. 20÷2 =
  4. 24÷2=
  5. 14÷2 =
  6. 16÷2 =
  7. 10÷5 =
  8. 20÷5 =
  9. 15÷5 =
  10. 25÷5 =



LO: To identify God's greatness around the world


In the book of Isaiah, we find out what some of God’s messengers had to say. God’s messengers were alive before Jesus was born and said wise things to the people of that time about God and what was going to happen.

Read Isaiah 12: 4−6 God’s Story 2, page 47.



  1. What does Isaiah say will happen one day?
  2. How do we praise God?
  3. How do you think the people felt when they heard what Isaiah had to say?



Draw a picture of a friend (neighbour) and think about God’s great love for them and talk about it with a partner, talk about how God loves neighbours everywhere, how God is your friend, God is good and God is with you.