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Thursday 24th September


GPS starter

Practise spelling these common exception words:- any, again, child, whole, children, everybody. Practise writing them out in your book (look, cover, write, check)bthen put each one into a sentence. Don't forget your punctuation.

Main activity

Today, we are writing the final part of our postman story. Look back at your story map to see what you put in the last box. Yesterday, you introduced your baddie character and the problem. Now you are going to finish off your story by saying how the problem is sorted out, e.g  The Happy Postman rings the police and they come to arrest him. Make sure you include adjectives and conjunctions to make your writing more interesting. You could say how the postman was feeling. Don't forget your punctuation. 

Now you can read your whole story through with your grown up.



Mental maths starter:

Practise adding 10 more/ 10 less and 1 more/1 less with your grown up. Get your grown up to ask you some questions- what is 10 more than 34? What is one less than 80? What is 10 less than 52? etc. See how quickly you can answer them!

Main activity


L.O: To find the mass of objects

Today we are going to be weighing objects to find out how heavy they are (their mass). If you have got some kitchen scales, ask your grown up to help you weigh some everyday objects- an apple, a book, a mobile phone etc. Get your grown up to help you read the scale. The measure the weight (mass) of objects in grams. 

Record your answers in your book. 

an apple- 80g

book-150g etc.

If you don't have any kitchen scales, complete the worksheet on weighing and reading scales.

Topic- Geography

Thursday 24th September

L.O: To write some facts about continents

We are continuing our learning about continents. Watch the powerpoint about continents and talk to your grown up about it. Then use the mini booklet and write down some things you have learnt. You can either choose one continent to focus on or choose 2 or 3 different continents and record a few facts on each. You may want to find out how many people live there, some of the country names and what the longest river is called etc. You can use the powerpoint to find out your facts or use the internet.