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Thursday 26th March


L.O.: To create your own story map

Split your page into 4 boxes and complete a story map for your own version of Farmer Duck (pictures and captions). You are basing your story on Farmer Duck but changing the main details. For example, instead of Farmer Duck, your main character might be Farmer Cow or Farmer Horse.

Box 1 = Farm setting and characters (animals, farmer, Farmer _____ E.g. Farmer Cow).

Box 2 = Role of Farmer Cow (E.g. Drives the tractor.)

Box 3 = Problem (E.g. Tractor breaks and farmer is cross)

Box 4 = Resolution (E.g. Other animals fix it and make farmer happy)



Finish the rest of the 2017 arithmetic paper (see yesterday).


Complete the seasons matching activity. This can be a cut and stick activity or you could draw it in your books.