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Thursday 26th March


Thursday 26th March



LO: To describe a character.

Read the Story 'A Monster Surprise'. Use a template to record your own descriptions of the main character (Monster). Make sure to use adjectives in your writing. 


Challenge: Read your favourite story from home and describe the main character. 



Mental Maths Starter: Identify odd and even numbers to 20.


LO: To find time to the hour and half past the hour.


Working with an adult, can you find the time now? Can you see the minute and hour hands? Which one is which?

Complete the worksheets below, writing and drawing time to the hour and half past the hour. 


Challenge: What is the time now? What time will it be in 1 hour?


Update your bean diary recording any changes over the past few days. Draw a new picture of your bean plant in your book and write down what you have been doing to look after it. 


Move on to complete the 'Plant Growth Sequencing' worksheet. (There are two options to choose from).