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Thursday 26th March


Thursday 26th March

L.O: To identify the features of a recount

With your grown up, read the recount below of a holiday to Cornwall. ( A recount is when you retell a personal set of events, for example- a holiday, a day out, a birthday party,  a Baptism. It is written in the past tense and  in chronological order- the order things happened.)

After you have read the recount, fill in the chart to say when something happened, who was there, where they went and what they did.

Challenge: If you have printed out the recount, use 4 different coloured pencils and underline when (days/ times of day) in one colour. Underline who (the people's names) in a different colour. Find all the places they went and underline in a third colour. Finally, choose another colour and underline all the activities they did. Add a key underneath your chart.


Mental starter-  halve these numbers as quickly as you can. Either shout them out to your grown up or write them down. 10, 8, 12, 6, 2, 4, 14, 20,16, 18. Now try- 20, 40, 100 and 50.

Main Activity


L.O: To add one and two digit numbers.

Complete these calculations in your book. You can draw a number line and use mental maths strategies (using fingers, putting the biggest number first etc). Mild are the easiest ones and hot are the challenging ones. Don't feel your child has to complete them all, although everyone should have a go at the mild ones.


8+ 4 =                    15+ 6 =                   7+ 14 =               18 + 0 =            23 + 9 =                9+ 35 =



22+ 10 =             14 + 12 =                30+  25 =                13 + 36 =        25 + 42 =              47 + 51 =


hot  (Remember = sign means the same as, so it is like a see-saw and it has to balance/be the same on either side of the = sign.)

95 + 7 =               8 + 99 =                 20 + ? = 27                ? + 16 = 28              24 + 7 = 21 + ?  





Thursday 26th March

L.O: To name the different parts of a plant

Play the game below on twinkl which labels different parts of the plant.


* I believe this game is not free for parents to access-apologies (we were under the impression it was all free for now) *

Here is a powerpoint link instead.


Then draw a flower in your book and label the different parts. (roots, stem, leaf, petal, bud, flower)



Can you write a sentence for each part to explain what job it does? Use sub-headings, e.g-


This long thin part of the plant holds up the flower. Water and food travel up the stem from the roots.


Purple Mash

I am also setting a second 'to-do' task on Purple Mash linked to plants and growing. You have got all next week to complete this activity, so there is no rush!



Finch Class- I have just seen this this on the news and think it is a lovely idea. Children all over the country are drawing or painting pictures of rainbows and putting them in their windows to cheer everyone up. What a fab idea! You can do this too if that's okay with your grown up and we will look out for them as we are driving to school! 

Hope everyone is okay. I am missing you all and school is sooo quiet without you! Keep washing your hands (and watering your plants) and hopefully we will be back soon.