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Thursday 28th January


GPS Starter:

Watch the powerpoint on past and present tense. Just talk through the answers with your grown up, you don't need to write anything down unless you want to do some extra. 

Main Activity

Thursday 28th January

L.O: To put words in alphabetical order.

To build on our previous work on alphabetical order, we will practise putting words in alphabetical order. Remember, we always look at the first letter, so bag comes before light. 

Put these words in alphabetical order:-

tin, dog, hat, man   __________, __________,. ___________, ____________

zebra, elephant, cat, fox ___________, ____________, _____________, _____________

cloud, sun, rain, hail ____________, ___________, ____________, _____________

When 2 words begin with the same letter, we have to look at the next letter. 

bun and bread both begin with b, so we look at the next letter. R comes before u , so bread comes before bun.

Put these words in alphabetical order

yellow, brown, red, black ___________, _____________, _____________, _____________

pizza, lettuce, apple, pasta ___________, _____________, ______________, _____________

chair, table, bed, cushion _____________, _____________, ______________, _______________


Choose 6 words from your reading book. Put them in alphabetical order.




Mental Maths Starter:

Work through day 4 on the mental maths starter. 

Main Activty


L.O: To practise using the fewest coins.

Work through the lesson and complete the worksheet. Think carefully about how much each coin is worth.


Thursday 28th January

L.O: To investigate what conditions plants need to grow.

Think back to our lesson on planting cress seeds. We were designing an experiment to help us find out what different conditions plants need to grow. What conditions do you think plants need to?  I am hoping you were thinking- water, soil and sunlight. If we had been in school, we would have planted our cress seeds to find out the results of our experiment. I have planted some cress seeds at home in different conditions (See below.)

Pot 1- no soil (one thing taken away) was on the window sill

Pot 2 -has everything (nothing taken away) was the window sill

Pot 3 -no water (one thing taken away) was in the window sill

Pot 4- no light (one thing taken away) was in the dark under the stairs.

After a few days I took some more photographs. Look carefully and see what has happened to each pot. (See below)

Talk to your grown up about how the cress seeds have or haven't grown.

Draw a picture of how each pot has changed. Write what the cress had or didn't have underneath each picture, e.g no water.

Conclusion (what we found out)

Write 2 or 3 sentences to explain what this experiment has shown us about conditions plants need to grow. (Can you explain why the cress with no water might have started to grow but then quickly died?)


Fair test 

Why was this a fair test? Write a sentence to explain. (Think back to our ice cube test and how many things we changed.)