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Thursday 28th January

Guided Reading:

Carry on reading your book on Get Epic.

Remember, try to read for at least 10 minutes each day!


Your books for this week are:

Group 1 Comets: Gotcha

Group 2 Planets: The Cupcake Thief

Group 3 Astronauts: The Egyptian Cat Mystery

Group 4 Rockets: The Ghost Town Mystery

Group 5 Stars: What really happened to Humpty?

If you have finished your book then please feel free to choose another one on the websitesmiley


LO: To use imperative verbs


GPS Starter:

Use these conjunctions in your own super sentences.

Because, and, but, so. 


Main Task:

Today we will be looking at imperative verbs, what are they? They are bossy verbs and it sounds like the author is bossing you around. For example:

  • Give me that book!
  • Clean your room!
  • Do your homework.
  • Take the dog for a walk.


Can you use these 5 adverbs in sentences?








Go onto phonics play and play Acorn Adventures on phase 5. Select the graphemes ie, ea and er. Then choose some other phase 5 games.


LO: To describe and classify 3D shapes


Mental Maths Starter:

Peter had 5 Pokemon cards but Stacey had double that. How many cards did Stacey have?


Main Task

Today we are finding the cost of two items so we will be adding them together. 



Can you tell me how many 10p's make £1?

Can you tell me how many 20p's make £1?

Art and Design

LO: To explore printing

Look at the picture of Monet's Japanese bridge. Today we are going to have a go at printing. Look at the power point and have a go at creating your own background based on the Monet picture. If you don't have any paint or resources to print at home, you can do this on 2Paint on Purple Mash.



Can you write me a sentence to tell me what you like about your drawing and why. Then write me a sentence to tell me how you could make your drawing even better.