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Thursday 30th April

Mental Maths

Practise your counting in 10s. Start at 0 and to 100 (and beyond). Then start at any number and count in 10s. 

Main Activity


L.O: To interpret block graphs

Look at the sheet on zoo animals. Count each type of animal then colour the right number of squares. Use a different colour for each animal if you can.

Then answer these questions:-

Which animal was there most of?

Which animal was there least of?

Which animal was there more of, parrots or tigers?

How many more penguins were there than zebras? (Find the difference)


Can you make a different block graph using things in your house? You could use cutlery (count how many knives, forks, teapoons, tablespoons and 'other' things are in the kitchen drawer) or count how many of each colour in a tube of smarties! It's up to you what you put on your block graph.