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Thursday 30th September


GPS Starter:

Play the spooky spellings game below to practise your hfw's.


Main activity

Thursday 30th September

L.O: To write a set of instructions.

Today, we are starting our new unit which is non-fiction writing. We are going to be looking at  how to write instructions. We always do a 'cold write' at the beginning of a new topic, so we are going to write a set of instructions about how to brush our teeth but you are going to do it independently, with no help from your grown up (like we do in class)! Before you begin writing, you can talk through or act out/mime how we brush our teeth with your grown up. Then think about how we write instructions to make them clear and have a go on your own to write yours.


Mental maths starter.

Practise 10 less and 10 more  below. Complete the table.

10 less                   Number             10 more

36                             46                        56

  ?                             61                          ?

 ?                              19                          ?

  ?                             82                          ?

45                               ?                          ?

  ?                                                      104

  ?                              37                          ?

93                                                        ?




Main Activity


L.O: To add a one digit number to a 2 digit number.

Today we are starting our new unit on addition. I have include the teacher notes, as the powerpoint (teaching tool) will not load onto the school website. It is quite a gentle introduction to the new unit today, so you will be fine! Complete the children's task sheet like we do in class, then  here is a deeper learning challenge for you.



Thursday 30th September 

L.O: To identify the different parts of a plant and know their functions.

Watch the powerpoint below and talk to your grown up about different parts of the plant and the different jobs they do.

Then, underneath your date and l.o, draw a flower and label it with these different parts.

  • petal
  • anther
  • stem
  • leaf
  • roots

Then, underneath your diagram, put the heading 'petal' and write a sentence about what job the petal does.

Do the same for the other plant parts. Put a sub heading for each one first.