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Thursday 4th February

Good morning,


I hope that you are all well.


Next Steps: Following on from the work yesterday for next steps on Relative Clauses, I would like you write a short paragraph about a made up character or you could use something that you know about - such as the anglerfish.  Your challenge is to include as many sentences with clauses as you can.  Good luck!

In this lesson, we will read 'Carib Nightfall' and listen to a reading by John Lyons from CLPE. We will then respond to the poem and analyse its structure, meaning, themes and tone. Teaching sequence and video clips of John Lyons reading poems from CLPE (
In this lesson, we will recap the key vocabulary used to describe 3D shapes before applying our understanding of 3-D shapes to problem solving.

LO: To provide textual evidence

Choose your level and answer the questions.  Keep looking back at the text as you answer the questions.  Remember to self assess.



Charanga - you have been set an assignment to complete on Charanga by Miss Galea.


Instructions for how to go on Charanga and get on to the work, as well as your Username and Password have been emailed to you on Purple Mash. 


You might find it easier to write these in the front of your Home Learning book, near your Purple Mash login details, so that you don't need to keep going onto Purple Mash each week to get these details.


It is the second and third assignments this week - the date says wc 25th which is when she prepared it, but it is to be completed this week and the other says the 1/2/21.  There are several videos to watch.