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Thursday 4th February


GPS Starter:

Watch the powerpoint on -ge and -dge words. Write down the words on the last slide.


Main Activity

Thursday 4th February

L.O: To make a plan for a non-chronological report

Tomorrow we are going to write our own non-chronological report, so today we are going to plan what we are going to put in each section. Think about our previous work on non-chronological reports- what features do we need?

  • Main heading
  • Introduction
  • Sub headings
  • bullet points
  • diagrams/pictures/captions
  • Interesting facts

Think about what sub headings you are going to have- introduction, famous explorers, what explorers need, interesting facts. Then think about what you are going to write in each section. Write your sub headings, then use bullet points to record your ideas.



Mental Starter;

Work through the maths mental starter activity. Choose 1, 2 or 3 star.

Main Activity


L.O: To use arrays to understand multiplication as repeated addition 

Work through the lesson on arrays and multiplication. Complete the building bricks worksheet below. Ext:

You can do the worksheet from the lesson as an extension -there are lots of different arrays for this question. 

Ext 2:

Work through the activity cards.


Thursday 4th February

L.O: To produce an observational drawing of a vegetable

Use your shading skills you have learnt to try and have a go at some observational drawings of vegetables. Try to include some vegetables you may have used in your healthy sandwich in DT. You might have a go at drawing a cucumber, tomato, a lettuce etc. You might like to do one in  grey writing pencil and one with a colour pencil. Which one do you prefer (like the best)? If you haven't got any vegetables, use some fruit or use the pictures attached.



Here is the next dance video we have been sent from South Ribble. I was under the impression it was the next part of the same dance but it is completely different. This week it is street dance- hip hop! Enjoy!