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Thursday 4th June

Thursday 4th June

Good Morning Ward class! J


Today’s activities:


Our Maths learning continues to come from Oak National Academy Online.

Click on this link to find your maths lessons for this week:



Focus: This week we continue to explore all there is to know about the Titanic. This week we concentrate on the Titanic sinking.


Think about these two subjects in relation to Titanic.

- Titanic

- Passengers


For each subject, write two adjectives, three verbs and two nouns, which link to these topics, e.g. for Titanic you may use:


Adjectives: magnificent, doomed

Verbs: sailing, colliding, sinking 

Nouns: vessel, ship


Use  to improve your vocabulary.



Once you have chosen your nouns, adjectives and verbs, use these to create a ‘diamante poem’. 


Diamante poems use this structure:

Noun (Titanic)

Adjective, Adjective

Verb, Verb, Verb

Noun, Noun, Noun, Noun

Verb, Verb, Verb,

Adjective, Adjective,

Noun (passengers)


The words in green will be the ones you generated for Titanic and the word in red will be the ones you generated for passengers.


A completed example may look like this:


Magnificent, Doomed

Sailing, Colliding, Sinking

Vessel, Ship, Men, Women

Gazing, Exploring, Searching,

Poor, Rich,



Now try writing your own Diamante poem. If you want to, send me an email on Purple Mash with your poem. Good luck!