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Thursday 4th March

Guided Reading:

Carry on reading your book on Get Epic.

Remember, try to read for at least 10 minutes each day!


Your books for this week are:

Group 1 Comets: Growing a Beanstalk for Jack

Group 2 Planets: Zak's King Arthur Adventure

Group 3 Astronauts: The Big Bad Wolf and the Robot Pig

Group 4 Rockets: Lizzie Little, the Sky is Falling

Group 5 Stars: Goldie Duck and the Three Beavers

If you have finished your book then please feel free to choose another one on the websitesmiley


LO: To write a recount


GPS Starter:

Can you use these time conjunctions and write a simple sentence to explain how you get ready for school. 




After that



Main Task:

Today you are going to write the next part of your recount. Don't forget to include:

  • Capital letters, finger space, full stops
  • Other punctuation: ? ! , ‘
  • Time conjunctions, First, next, finally, then, etc
  • Conjunctions to extend sentences
  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Apostrophes
  • Commas in a list
  • Time conjunctions in order


Check your work for any mistakes and edit it if you need to. 


Go onto phonics play and play Acorn Adventures on phase 5. Select the graphemes ch, y and g. Then choose some other phase 5 games.


LO: To find one quarter of a number


Mental Maths Starter:

Can you draw out a square and split it into quarters. Can you shade in 3/4 of the shape?


Main Task:

Today we are looking at finding one quarter of a number. 



Can you draw a circle and split it into quarters and then shade in 1 quarter.

Can you draw a square and split it into quarters and then shade in 2 quarters.

Can you draw a rectangle and split it into quarters and then shade in 3 quarters.

Art and Design

LO: To develop a range of techniques such as collage

Looking back at your self-portrait from last week, talk to an adult about the details missed on your pictures (e.g. eyebrows, eyelashes). 


Look at the pictures that Picasso drew. Think about cubism (different features in different places) and think about how Picasso used this in his work.


Next, draw a simple face shape and colour it in. Add hair, but don't add any other features.

Using your portraits from last week, cut out key features (eyes, nose, mouth) and stick them onto the face you have drawn today in different places to create a portrait in the style of Picasso.

Look at the Picasso pictures to help you here. 


Evaluate your work by talking to your grown up about the key questions below:

  • What do you like about your work?
  • Why did you decide to stick the features in certain places?
  • Would you do it differently next time?