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Thursday 4th March

Good morning everyone,


Thank you to everyone who has already sent me a picture of their work already this week.  If you haven't yet done so, if you can please send it either today or tomorrow.


Thank you :)

Next Steps: TTROCKSTARS or MONSTER MULTIPLICATION - beat your speed.  Practice all times tables ready for when we come back to school.
Today, you are going to use retrieval skills to answer questions about a text.  Remember to use skills that we have used in class: think what is the question asking - what key words/numbers are in the question, skim and scan for a general overview/to look for specific words, once you have found these then read around them to get the answer. Try to use the exact words from the text.  If you are giving your own opinion, remember to link it to the text.
In today's lesson, we will be learning how to represent multiplication equations pictorially. Then, we will explore how we can derive new facts from known multiplication facts.

Guided Reading

LO: To offer textual evidence


Choose your level and then read the text and answer the questions. You may already know lots of information about Greta, but is important that you use the information in the text to answer the questions, not other facts that you may know.  Remember that the person marking only uses the text.  Remember to self mark and self assess. 

Due to having INSET day last Monday, we have had an extra RE lesson this week, and I am giving you 2 RE lessons this afternoon, one being collective worship.  You could always complete this as next steps tomorrow if you need to.