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Thursday 5th November


GPS starter:

Watch the powerpoint and make a list of compound words in your book.

Main activity

Thursday 5th November

L.O: To compare and contrast stories.

Watch the slide show of the book Prince Cinders by Babette Cole.


Talk to your adult. Is it like another traditional tale you know? How is it the same/different?

Split your page in half. In the top half, draw a small picture of Prince Cinders. Underneath use bullet points to list all the characters in the story. Then bullet point the main events. Then bullet point all the props in the story (all the objects, such as the fairy's wand, the mini car, he trousers etc.

Then on the other half of your page, draw a small picture of Cinderella. Make the same list bullet point lists again with characters, events and props. How are the same/different?


Mental Maths Starter

Play the game on rounding numbers.


Main activity


L.O: To understand multiplication as repeated addition.

Watch the powerpoint on multiplication.

Then have a go at these.

4 x 2 =

(Draw 4 plates underneath and put 2 cookies on each plate.)

Then write the repeated addition underneath your plates.

2 + 2 + 2 + 2 =

Do the same for these:- 

5 x 2 =

7 x 2 =

3 x 5 =

5 x 5 =

3 x 10 =



Topic- Science

Our new topic in science is Seasonal Change- Autumn and Winter.

Thursday 5th November

L.O: To activate prior knowledge.

At the beginning of a new topic, we always think about what we know and new things we want to learn.

What I already know

Write down all the things you already know about how the seasons change and what happens in autumn and winter.

What I want to find out.

Write down all the things you want to find out about seasonal change. You could ask- What do you notice in Autumn/Winter? What is the weather like in autumn? What happens to the length of days in winter?