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Thursday 6th May


GPS Starter:

Complete page 2 of the activity booklet on using subordinating conjunctions.


Main Activity

Thursday 6th May

L.O: To write a resolution to an animal adventure story.

Today, we are writing the final part of our animal adventure story. In this final paragraph you are writing about how Mr Toad and his friends manage to get Toad Hall back from the Wild Wooders who had taken over. Look back at your success ladder and check what you have still not included in your writing (for example using adverbs or exclamation marks.) Talk to your grown up about what you are going to write. Re-read your paragraph once you have finished. 


Mental Maths Starter:

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. With 10s you can start at any number.

Main Activity


L.O: To read scales and solve problems involving mass.

Watch the powerpoint on measurement and problem solving. Focus on the parts involving weight.

Complete the diving into mastery activity sheets.


You could have a go at weighing things at home using kitchen scales and then reading how heavy they are. 


jeudi 6 mai

L.O: Les couleurs

Begin by revising numbers 1-10. Say these to your grown up.

1-un, 2-deux, 3-trois, 4-quatre, 5-cinq, 6-six, 7-sept, 8-huit, 9-neuf, 10-dix

Revise colours from last week

red- rouge, blue-bleu, green-vert, white- blanc, black-noir and orange-orange. 

This week's colours are:-

yellow-jaune, grey-gris, brown- marron, pink- rose,purple- violet. You could use google translate to get an idea of the pronunciation. Copy these new colours into your book and put a colour spot next to them like you did last week.


In class,  we will be doing our collective worship to end our topic on Pentecost and spreading the word.

Today, you are going to write a prayer to finish off the topic.Here are some ideas- In your prayer, include saying thank you to God for sending us the Holy Spirit. You may want to ask for the Holy Spirit's help in guiding us. Perhaps thank God for giving us all eternal life because he sacrificed his only Son. You can decorate your prayer when you have finished.