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Thursday 7th January


GPS Starter:

We are going to practise alphabetical order. Let's start by saying or singing the alphabet out loud. Next, write the alphabet down in your book. Use a colour pencil to go over the 5 vowels- a,e,i,o and u. Remember, all the other 21 letters are called consonants. With your grown up, make sure you know which are vowels and which are the consonants.  (You will need to know for our main activity.)

Then put these words in alphabetical order:- grow, change, plate, behind, window, river. (Remember when we put words into alphabetical order, we look at the first letter of the word.)


Main Activity:

Thursday 7th January

L.O: To double the consonant before adding suffixes

Watch the powerpoint on doubling the consonant before adding the suffix. Now write these root words in your book and add the suffix. 

root word             + ing suffix               

rip                             ripping                          




root word             + er suffix                             + est suffix 

big                            bigger                                 biggest




root word              + y suffix     

sun                           sunny       






Choose 3 of your words where you have doubled the consonant  and put them in a sentence.


Complete the wordsearch on doubling the consonant.


Mental maths starter:

Play the times table game below. Choose 5x table and reveal answer sections, as counting in 5s helps you with telling the time. Remember, you can use your fingers to help your times tables. For example, if it is 4 x 5 = then hold up 4 fingers then count in 5s as you put each finger down. After that you can choose a different times table on the game.

Main activity


L.O: To understand the passage of time.

We are going to reinforce and practise the work we did yesterday on the passage of time.Look at the Oak Academy lesson. Watch the video and then answer the 3 questions on the worksheet. If you don't have an analogue clock or watch to count forwards and backwards on, draw your self a clock.


Make up 3 of your own word problems about the passage of time. For example, " If Mr Tetlow started clearing the playground of snow at half past 7 and it took him 25 minutes, what time did he finish?"


Thursday 7th January

L.O: To learn about the work of famous artists.

This half term we are going to be looking at the artist Claude Monet. Monet was a French impressionist painter.

Watch the powerpoint on Monet and his paintings. (I am not asking you to paint today with your fingers, unless you want to at home and this is okay with your grown up!)

Look at the picture of Monet's painting 'Japanese Footbridge over the Water-lily Pond in Giverny'. Talk about what you can see with your grown up.


Use your observational skills to try and recreate this picture. Look at how the bridge is in the centre of the picture. Look at the long lines that were used to draw the reeds at the edge of the water. First, sketch the outline lightly with a pencil.Then use whatever you have- colouring pencils, crayons, pastels, paints to try and make your picture look the same as Monet's. Have fun! If you want, take a photo of your finished picture and email it to me through purple mash.