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Thursday 7th May

Mental Starter:

Play topmarks coins game. Choose the pink 'counting' tab and then choose how hard or easy you want the game.


Main Activity


L.O: To begin to understand giving change.

Watch the powerpoint on giving change. Remember, whatever your item costs, the shopkeeper will keep that amount. If your apple costs 4p and you give them 10p, the shopkeeper won't keep all of your 10p, they will only keep 4p for your apple and they will give you back however many pennies are left.

So, we need to do a subtraction (take away) calculation.

10p- 4p = 6p so will get 6p change because that is how much is left from your 10p.

Complete one or more of the sheets (1, 2 or 3 star) on giving change.


Can you draw the coins you would get in your change?


Year 2

Please finish the maths reasoning paper.