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Thursday 8th October

Good morning,


As normally in class you would be doing Science and Topic with Miss Khan, she has set you some tasks for today.


If you can please also complete the spelling and guided reading tasks.


Spelling: ask an adult to test you on this week's spelling words and mark them out of 15.

Times tables: ask them to test you on your 3 and 6 times tables.  Try to answer them in 6 seconds like you would in class.


Guided Reading Complete the Roald Dahl comprehension.  You can choose your level and mark your answers.  Remember for any you get wrong, go back to the text and work out why you have gone wrong.  


Some of you may have looked at Roald Dahl in Year 3 in English.  Remember use the information in the text to answer the questions, not information that you may know but isn't in the text.  Try to use the exact words from the text where you can.


TTRockstars: Keep paractising and trying to improve your score.  Some of you are already showing yourselves to be Rock Legends which is fantastic! We will look at the Leader Board together when we get back to class next week!


Have a good day :)