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Thursday R.E

LO: To make links to show how feelings and beliefs about the relationship of freedom and responsibility affect my behaviour and that of others.                                                               

LO: To compare my own and other people’s ideas about questions concerning the use of freedom and responsibility and know that these questions are sometimes difficult to answer.


What do you think freedom means and what responsibility means and would it mean the same for everyone and why?  The story below highlights the use of freedom, but does it come with any responsibility? Read through the story and answer the key questions.


After school

Daniel and Samantha had been secretly saving their pocket money for six weeks to buy their Mum a birthday present.  They had seen her admiring some earrings in the jeweller’s shop in town, so they decided they would get off their bus in town and buy them.  When they got to town they went to the shop, only to find it was closed, so they decided to find another shop.  After a long search, they found another jeweller’s where they had the same earrings. They bought them and went back to catch their bus.

Meanwhile, at home, their Mum was very worried.  It was nearly 5.30 and Daniel and Samantha weren’t home.  She rang up the school and was told they had gone home.  She rang a few friends, but the children weren’t there.  “I shall have to ring the police if they don’t turn up soon,” she said to herself.




  1. What do you think happened when Daniel and Samantha got home?  Why?
  2. What would the main issues be for Daniel and Samantha?
  3. What would the main issues be for their Mum?
  4. Has anything like that happened to you?  What did you learn from the experience?
  5. What freedom does the Mother have a right to?
  6. What freedom do the children have a right to?
  7. What do you think is responsible and irresponsible behaviour and what are your reasons?
  8. What do you think Mum, Samantha and Daniel have learnt from the experience and what do you think they will do in future?

For your activity, work on ‘School rules’.  What are the school rules?  Evaluate your school rules.  Do these enable safety, happiness, confidence and freedom for pupils, teachers and parents?  Do they enable pupils to be free and responsible?


Can you create a poster of school rules that you think we should have and answer if they enable pupils to be free and responsible. Can't wait to see them!