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Friday 25th June

LO: To compare the different city states (Athens & Sparta)

LO: To understand the key events in the Battle of Marathon


Can you remember the differences between the three main types of government in ancient Greece (monarchy, oligarchy and democracy).  Have a look at the map showing the locations of Athens and Sparta. Can you remember what type of government the two city-states on the map each had?


Go through the slides on the PDF to recap on the governments of Athens and Sparta. The way in which each city-state was governed was not the only difference between them. Use the slides to get an overview of what life was like in Athens and Sparta. And complete the table of differences. (Where it says geography, it means was it inland or by the coast).

Based on what you have learnt so far, write down where you would have preferred to live, Athens or Sparta and write your reasons why.


Next, watch the youtube clip about the Battle of Marathon and have a read through of the slides attached. Then, can you write a recount of the Battle from the point of view of an Athenian hoplite, a Persian soldier, Pheidippides, King Darius or Militiades. 


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Battle of Marathon (Horrible Histories)

As shown on Blue Peters Olympic Torch Run 26/5/2012