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Tuesday 10th November


Immediate Engagement: Can you find rhyming partners for the words below?

  • hat
  • box
  • hen
  • toy
  • mouse


LO: To plan my own story.

Use the story template below to plan your own story. Your story should be similar to 'Zog', but have your own dragon as the main character.

In each section (beginning, middle and end), you should write 2-3 sentences.


*Planning your story should take 2 days, so this will be your task tomorrow too.*



Immediate Engagement: Find and record odd numbers to 20.


LO: To solve addition problems.

We have done lots of work on addition in school. Complete the 'Fruit Salad Addition' template below. Remember to count very carefully. 


Next, solve the addition problems below:

  • 9+2=
  • 4+7=
  • 5+6=
  • 11+5=
  • 12+6=


EXT: Record number bonds to 10 (e.g. 4+6=10).



LO: To move with skill.

Watch and follow the 'Incredibles' workout below.

The Incredibles | Get Moving With Disney Family by Disney Family

Get ready for a hero-themed fitness adventure for the whole family! Spring into action like the Incredibles.

Topic: Design and Technology- The Great Fire of London.

LO: To draw from observation.


Have a look at the Great Fire of London PowerPoint below. Look at the pictures and colours.

Create you own picture of London in 1666. You can draw buildings and people- think carefully about what the people wore at that time and what the houses/building looked like.