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Tuesday 12th January

Good morning,

I hope that you are all well.  Thank you to those children who have emailed me photographs of you work on Purple Mash so that I can see how you are getting on.  You are do a fantastic job at home and I am really proud of how hard you are working.  If you haven't sent me any photographs yet, please send me a photograph of a piece of English and Maths work that you have completed.  Remember if you need to contact me, you can use 2email. 



Next Steps: 

Write this week's spelling words in sentences.  Underline the spelling word in each sentence.

In this lesson, you will be revising the names of different types of 2D shape. We will begin to explore how shapes can be referred to on a grid using coordinates. We will learn about the x and y axis and how to read coordinates to locate points on a grid. We will use the correct mathematical language for shape and coordinates for a variety of quadrilaterals.


Watch the video and then complete the work for each slide.  If you click on the arrow the slides come down so that you can see them all.

In this lesson, we will recap the features of non-chronological reports and write an opening paragraph.  Watch the video and then complete the tasks.

LO: To retrieve information

Choose your level, read the text and complete the questions.  Remember to mark your work, so that you can go back and check any that you get wrong.