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Tuesday 12th January


GPS Starter

Correct the punctuation in these sentences. Re-write the sentences in your book with the correct punctuation. (Remember- punctuation means capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas and apostrophes.) 


we went to the cinema to watch peter rabbit.

Who is that Girl at the front door

dont walk on the carpet with your muddy shoes?

look out, there is a car coming

My packed lunch was tasty healthy and yummy

it is snowing again. And we are going to build a snowman. 

Main Activity

Tuesday 12th January

L.O: To use their knowledge of characters to use inference.

Today, we are going to think about inference again. (Working out how characters are thinking/feeling and why they say the things they do.) Have a quick look back at the story from Wednesday 'Bob and the Moontree Adventure.' Think about the character of Bob and the character of Dougal from yesterday's story.

Split your page in half horizontally (across). Put the heading Bob in the top half and Dougal in the bottom half. Draw a picture of the character under the correct heading (not a huge picture). Now around each character write 2 things they each say (put each one in a speech bubble.) Then write 2 things they think in the story and put each one in a thought bubble. Lastly, write 2 things they are feeling. Put a heart around these.





Mental Maths Starter

Play the fruit splat game. This practises matching numbers to their spellings. You can choose the level and the speed the fruit drops. Have fun splatting!

Main Activity


L.O: To order numbers up to and beyond 100

Linked to our work on place value, order the numbers on the worksheets. Look at each digit and think about it is worth- its place value. Cross out the numbers at the top as you use them. I have put a 3 digit number sheet on, which I want most of you to complete. If you find this a bit tricky, there is  a 2 digit sheet.


Put these numbers in order from largest to smallest:-

248, 691, 31, 719, 178, 563, 288, 961, 2156, 723, 916, 6032




Tuesday 12th January

L.O: To understand the conditions that are needed for growth.

If we had been in school, we would have been setting up an experiment to find out what conditions  cress seeds need in order to grow. With your grown up talk about what you think the seeds would need- e.g sunlight.

In your workbook, set your work out like this:-

 Cress Seed Experiment. 

 My Prediction

Write down all the things you think cress seeds would need to grow properly. Also say what you think would happen if your cress seeds didn't have these things.

My experiment

Think about how  we would test your predictions if we were in class. (Think back to our ice experiment before Christmas.) How could we set up an experiment to show what cress seeds need to grow? (Hint- if we were in class, we would plant more than one set of cress seeds and they wouldn't all have the same things. We wouldn't put them all in the same place either.)

In your book, draw and write the different things we would/would not give the cress seeds and the places we would put them. If you can, say why you have/have not given the cress seeds these things.


Fair test  

Is your experiment a fair test? Why/why not? (Again, think back to our ice experiment and how many things we changed at one time and why.)


If you want to plant some cress seeds at home that will be great. I have attached an information leaflet about making 'cress heads'. (You can also put them in clean yogurt pots- it doesn't have to be in egg shells.) You could send me a photo of your cress once it has grown!

If you are feeling really adventurous, you could try setting up your experiment at home and give your cress different things and put them in different places, just like you explained in your workbook. Happy growing!