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Tuesday 15th June

Today is Great Science Share.  Classes in school will be watching some videos about different things scientific! As you are at home, you may wish to watch some of the videos live throughout the day, as well as watching the ones that I have put on for this afternoon.  I have put the links and times on so that if you want to watch the morning ones live, you can!

Next Steps: use our No Nonsense Spelling patterns for the spelling words for this week (week 2 summer 2). You don't have to use every method for every spelling - use at least one method for each, but more for those words that you find tricky. 

LIVE Question and answer session with Professor Brian Cox and other experts talking about Climate Change.

Watch the video and complete the tasks.  Think of the Key Terms of Reference to help you with the task: 1000g=1kg. Remember, you need to make all the units the same.  You can make them all g or all kg, but remember to write the answer in the unit that it asks for in the question.

War on Weeds!

A live adventure to explore the realities of the farm, with @DrChips_ and Farmer Tom, from the famous Farmer Time.

Watch the video and explore the 2 characters.  Apply the techniques that you use in class, think about what is implied (use your detective skills) as well as what is stated (clearly written) in the text. You need to infer.

LO: To retrieve information 

Choose your level and answer the questions.  Go back to the text and work out where you have gone wrong for any mistakes.  Challenge yourself with the level that you choose to do.

This may be interesting for you to watch to remind yourself about the Rocks unit that you have looked at in Home Learning last time during Lockdown.  If you click on the link and join Dr Anjana Khatwa as she leads us through a fascinating exploration of rocks, fossil formation and investigations. A hands-on experience that you can do with Anjana, as she explores what rocks tell us about the history of the earth.

Take part in a live investigation to measure the wind strength in your garden. You could always do this at when we are out of self isolation in a different place, but watch the video today so that you know what to do.

You will need: a feather, a stopwatch and a tape measure.

SCIENCE - if you have watched a few of the videos today, you may wish to write a paragraph explaining what you have been watching and what you have learnt, or a poster about all the things you have learnt or just about one, for example, rocks. We can talk about what you have learnt and look at your work when we get back to school.