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Tuesday 16th June

Tuesday 16th June

Good Morning Ward class!


Today’s activities:


Our Maths learning continues to come from Oak National Academy Online.

Click on this link to find your maths lessons for this week:



Focus: World War Two – Explore what life was life for people in Britain in World war two.

This week focuses on the start of the war and what life was like for evacuees.


Listen to the radio announcement that told people of Britain that their country was at war with Germany. Jot down how you think people felt when they heard this for the first time – remember families would not have had a television at this time, only a radio to listen to.


Now watch the opening scene of Goodnight Mr Tom (up to 2:34mins). As you are watching look at the different types of people sat in the church (families, children, elderly, RAF etc.) and think about how they are feeling. Write down words and phrases to describe the scene.



Using the words and phrases you have gathered; write a short narrative piece based on the scene.