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Tuesday 17th November


GPS Starter:

Apostrophes for contraction

Watch the powerpoint below and then copy some of the contractions into your book, e.g do not = don't   we have = we've    she's = she is


Main Activity

Today we will be writing the next paragraph (box 2) of our own version of Little Red Riding Hood. Think about what was on your story plan from Friday. Start a new paragraph under yesterday's work  (put the short date in the margin) Say where your character is going, through the park or through the town or along the river etc. Use lots of adjectives to describe your setting. Then your character meets the baddie character, (fox, bear- whoever was on your plan) Describe your baddie character and explain that your main character tells them where they are going. Then stop there for today.  ‘Think, say, write, check’ each sentence and check your punctuation. Extend your sentences with ‘because' or 'so' if you can. See if you can use a similie today- "as big as a house" or "as hairy as a monkey" etc.


Mental Maths Starter:

Practise your number bonds to 20. Play the topmarks- number bonds game.


Main Activity


L.O: To find fractions of a quantity.

Remember our work on halves and quarters from yesterday. Today we are finding half and quarter of amounts. Remember half = two equal groups and quarter means 4 equal groups.

Complete the worksheets below. If you don't have a printer, just count the objects and write the number sentence, e.g 1/2 of 12 = .Talk to your grown up- how does finding half and quarter of an amount  link to our work on division and the 2 and 4 times table? 

Try these extra ones


1/2 of 24 =

1/2 of 30 =

1/2 of 50 =

1/4 of 20 =

1/4 of 40 =

1/4 of 80 =




History-The Great Fire of London

Tuesday 17th November

L.O: To sequence the events of The Great Fire of London

Watch the powerpoint below and the Magic Grandad video. Then complete the sequencing worksheet to show the events of The Great Fire of London in order.