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Tuesday 17th November


Immediate Engagement: Can you find rhyming pairs for the words below?

  • can
  • log
  • hat


LO: To recognise and use question marks.

We know that question marks go at the end of questions.

Look at the 'Question Marks' PowerPoint below and work with your grown up to solve the challenges.


Now, choose and complete 1 sheet from the 'Question marks or full stops' challenge pages.

Next, record three questions of your own. Make sure to use question marks in the right places.



Immediate Engagement: Count in 5's to 50. Use the 100 square to help you.


LO: To recognise a fraction as an equal part of a whole.


Look at the 'Fractions warm up' PowerPoint below and work with your grown up to complete the challenges.


Next, complete the 'is it half?' challenge page.


Now, using objects (toys, counters, tins) can you find half of the amounts below by sharing them equally between 2 people?

  • find half of 4
  • find half of 6
  • find half of 8
  • find half of 10




LO: To move with skill.


Watch and follow the 'Get Moving With Disney' video clip below. Make sure you have plenty of room and move safely.

The Lion King | Get Moving With Disney Family by Disney Family

Get ready for a fitness adventure for the whole family! Move like Simba, Rafiki, Zazu, and more of your favorites from The Lion King.SUBSCRIBE so you never miss...